Analytics Features

Awesome Dashboard

  • Quick overview of all search projects.
  • Show the last 7 days sentiments trends.
  • Quickly see which brand went wrong.





Media Reach

Awesometrics’s Media Reach shows the volume of mention from all media platform in a single web page. It enables you to monitor mentions related to you across media platforms in a certain periods. You will get the answer regarding which media platform talks about you the most.



Buzz Trends

Easily see the trends of your keywords in all media types. You can quickly spot when and where your products were talked most.







Awesometrics is capable to analyze the sentiment from each mention. As well as giving you insight on how good your reputation according to the media. Whether it’s on online or social media. This valuable information can be your point of reference in mapping out the media and opinion maker based on the tone of the mention.



How is the value of your PR campaign? Awesometrics uses a comprehensive formula that includes the impression attributes (e.g. headline, first mentioned paragraph, picture color), tone, and ad-value of the articles to calculate the PR-Value of your campaign.


Topic Map

What are the emerging and trending topics related to your brand in the articles? Awesometrics employs an automatic term extraction technique and a clustering algorithm, that automatically detect the most important topics related to your brand. A topic map shows the topics from the most important to least ones.




Who are your top positive and negative influencers in Twitter? Awesometrics presents influencer circles by the number of mentions and also by the number of impressions. The bigger the size of the circle, the bigger the influence a person has to your brand.






How the influencers of your brand in Twitter distributed by their cities, provinces, and countries? Awesometrics puts them on the Google Map so you can easily see where they are. Moreover, we show a circle on each of the locations where the bigger the circle, the bigger the number of influencers.




Who is more active in talking about your brand in Facebook? Men or women? Awesometrics shows the division of Facebook users who mentioned your brand in their statuses.




Interested to see the data sources? Besides providing easy to read graphs, Awesometrics also provides access to the data sources, where you can read every single mention, or the summary at the article level. If needed you can also modify the automatically labelled sentiment with your judgment, and our engine will use your labels to improve the next analysis.



Want to get the clipping of an article about your brand? Awesometrics provides a single click feature for you to download the screenshot of the article from any online news site along with the summary of our analysis.





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