Near Real Time Monitoring

Awesometrics provides hundreds even thousands coverage of conversations pertaining to your brand/product directly in your computer 24/7. You will get those data almost as soon as it appears in the media enabling you to take action accordingly. Pricing.


Media Mapping

Which media are currently supporting you? Which media are actually giving big influence towards your brand?

With the help of Awesometrics, you will gain insight of which media to approach. It is equipped with high-end technology to examine the tendency and influence of every media. Pricing.


Influencer Mapping

Expert? Consumer? Government? News or Social Media aren’t freed from external influencer. Using Awesometrics, you will be able to catch the presence of influencers to gain valuable opinion in online media or social media. Awesometrics employs analysts to give recommendation about parties that needs to be approached. As well as providing you with information regarding influencers in which requires immediate attention. Pricing.


Topic Mapping

What topics do you actually relate to? Does  your campaign reach the topic?

Awesometrics is able to process and analyze million conversations in social media and online media topic by topic. It enables you to measure important topics related to you also the ones that generated by your competitors. Pricing.


Crisis Monitoring

There is a time when your brand/product suffers from an unexpected crisis. Turn it around into your advantage and raise your reputation. Awesometrics can turn crisis into chance. Pricing.



Media Campaign Measurement

How much money do you spend to promote your product/brand? Is that effective? Does it reach the target? Does your promotion worth to be reported in the media? Is it interesting to talk about?

Awesometrics can measure the success of your promotion, compare it with competitor’s promotion, and finally help you to decide the right promotion strategy for your product. Pricing.


Reputation Measurement

How good is your product among others? How trustworthy is your product?

To answer those questions, Awesometrics provides comprehensive measurement tools to gain information from online media and social media. Awesometrics helps you to compare, measure, and analyze your product. You will be able to formulate the best way to raise your reputation. Pricing.